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Domain Name Service

Thirty years ago, the internet was unable to visit via domain name. Because computers were only able to communicate using numbers. Example: We all know that it's long and hard to remember by a human. We need a way to translate a hard to remember numbers into human-readable words which are the domain. A domain is a fast, lightweight, and scalable alternative to IP address that computers and humans can understand. In the 1980s, Paul Mockapetris invented a system that Ip addresses automatically mapped with the domain names, and the DNS was born. This system still serves as the backbone of the modern internet today.

The DNS gives mapping between comprehensible names (like and their related IP addresses (like DNS can be best contrasted with a telephone directory where you look into the telephone numbers recorded by simpler to-recollect names. DNS goes under the application layer convention.

A client types in his program, which at that point inquiries the DNS server for's IP addresses. The servers return Amazon's location so the program can demand information from Amazon's web have, which restores the components important to construct their landing page in the nearby program.

Area Names
An area name is a comprehensible name—like—that we type in an internet browser URL field. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) deals with these area names

Top Level Domain (TLD)
TLD alludes to the last piece of a space name. For instance, the .com in is the Top Level Domain. The most widely recognized TLDs incorporate .com, .net, organization, and .information. Nation code TLDs speak to explicit geographic areas. For instance: .in speaks to India. Here are some more models:

com – Commercial organizations.
gov – U.S. government organizations.
edu – Educational establishments, for example, colleges.
organization – Organizations (generally non-benefit).
mil – Military.
net – Network associations.
eu – European Union.

Second Level Domain
This is the piece of an area name which comes directly before the TLD——for instance.

Sub Domain
A subdomain can be made to distinguish one of a kind substance territories of a site. For instance, the aws of

Area Name Registrar
By overseeing area name reservations, name recorders are basic to how DNS functions. ICANN at present awards authorization to associations to go about as area name recorders for explicit more elevated level spaces.

Name Server
Like a telephone directory, the name server is an assortment of area names coordinated to IP addresses.

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