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This tool will Convert your DNS into IP address.

Just Input your DNS (without http://) on the text Field and Click Submit.

All IP Address Pointed on the Domain will be shown.

About this tool

This tool will help you identify the IP Address pointed on specific domain

It translates DNS ( into ipaddress that points into it.

DNS Servers has four categories:
Recursive Resolvers
Root Nameservers
TLD Nameservers
Authoritive Nameservers

DNS is also used to ensures user-friendliness, smooth and quick loading of content
requested by the users.

Reverse DNS

Invert DNS (rDNS) query is the converse of the standard thing "forward DNS query" where the DNS is questioned for the IP address of a certain hostname. In turn around DNS, the DNS is questioned for the hostname of a specific IP address. A converse DNS query restores the hostname of an IP address.

What is DNS in layman's terms

At whatever point we explore to a specific site page, say, our program checks for the IP address of that area name and uses that address to locate the right page.

DNS, Domain Name System, is a location rundown of PCs associated with the web. On the off chance that you need to go to Amazon, you'll ask DNS where they are found. Much the same as you would utilize a location book in ordinary life (hold up a moment, nobody really utilizes a location book nowadays, isn't that right?).

Note that a location book just works in a one-dimensional way. It's anything but difficult to track down the location of John Smith from your location book yet in the event that you are given a location, it's entirely elusive out in your location book who lives there - regardless of whether you have their location put away someplace in your location book.

Turn around DNS query (rDNS query) is actually this. It's the demonstration of looking into the web has by their IP address. Thus the "converse" part in the name. It's the inverse or opposite method of utilizing the web's location book, something your old location book can't do (give finding a shot who has the number 955-0455-0922 from a paper address book!)

While the web generally speaking can appear to quite a rebel now and again, this DNS address book is a steady framework that everybody on the web must concur upon. You can essentially believe that if DNS says somebody is they almost certainly are them (and keeping in mind that this visually impaired trust has prompted some huge issues, it's the best framework we have).

How it works

In PC arranges, an opposite DNS query or converse DNS goals (rDNS) is the questioning procedure of the Domain Name System (DNS) to decide the area name related with an IP address – the converse of the standard thing "forward" DNS query of an IP address[1] from a space name.[2] The procedure of opposite settling of an IP address utilizes PTR records. rDNS includes looking through space name library and enlistment center tables. This might be utilized to attempt to recognize the originator's space name to follow, for instance, a spammer sending spam messages or the area name of a PC attempting to break into a firewall or somebody attempting to hack the framework. It might likewise be utilized to decide the name of the web access supplier allocated to a specific IP address. The opposite DNS database of the Internet is established in the .arpa top-level area.

In spite of the fact that the instructive RFC 1912[3] (Section 2.1) suggests that "each Internet-reachable host ought to have a name" and that "for each IP address, there ought to be a coordinating PTR record," it's anything but an Internet Standard necessity, and not all IP addresses have a converse passage.

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