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This DNS Server is hosted in Cloudflare. We will reset the DNS Server Every week because of 1000 limit in Cloudflare API.

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How to make a DNS Server

Did you know that you can make your own DNS Server by using Cloudflare Some of you wonder "how to make my own DNS server?" , You can make your own DNS server by signing up on Cloudflare and add your fully owned domain there. you can use some free domain hosting like Freenom and add your domain on Vultr by changing your domain's nameserver into Vultr nameservers. As I am using Vultr DNS, I assure that this is the fastest DNS servers for gaming. browsing, and streaming. One of the DNS example is (IP address) is pointed at (DNS Name). But if you can't make your own DNS server, you can try our tool its easy! Create DNS by adding your ip address and desired DNS name. It's easy, 100% Safe and Free.

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