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NOTE: This Server can only hold 1000 records at a time.
Server will reset until 1000 records reached.

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# Domain Records
1 pro.tech

Cloudflare DNS Server

DNS by Cloudflare maintains privacy and also speed up surfing

It's not merely Facebook that is watching client information. Odds are, each online help, from Google to your nearby web access supplier (ISP), requests a tad of your information to furnish you with what you need at some random point in time.

To battle the ISP side of this, site execution and security organization Cloudflare declared on Sunday, April 1, it was discharging another apparatus, a free area name framework (DNS) administration called

The DNS administration is Cloudflare's endeavor to speed up while keeping up your protection by forestalling network access suppliers from gathering your program history.

Clients who change their DNS to will permit Cloudflare to assume control over settling the way toward coordinating a site address –, for example, facebook.com – with its Internet Protocol (IP) address – which, for Facebook's situation, is

In its declaration post, Cloudflare likewise said the new assistance would be focused on going past, not utilizing perusing information to help target publicizing. "Truth be told," the organization stated, "We realized we could go a lot further. We focused on never composing the questioning IP delivers to plate and cleaning all logs inside 24 hours."

Cloudflare has said they have an enthusiasm for making perusing quicker for everybody. The essential business of Cloudflare is causing its customers' destinations to work quickly. By consolidating Cloudflare with, access to Cloudflare destinations is made significantly quicker, all while touting upgrades to speed and security over the web for individuals embracing the DNS administration the organization has arranged.

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