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PackeTCP DNS Creator and Record Tool

Fast DNS, No Downtime, No Registration Needed *Powered by Arvan Cloud
# Domain Records

Arvan Cloud DNS Server

How to Create DNS

1. Input your hostname at hostname field.
2. Add Your Proxy Server IP on IP Address Field.
3. Select Available
4. Press Submit and your DNS info will popup.

Arvan Cloud DNS Server

This server is hosted in ArvanCloud CDN.
It supports geographical CDN powered by AnyCast so that your DNS attains the highest speed and quality. It has a load balancer for your DNS so that even if you put multiple IP addresses on the same DNS name, It will not slow down and maintain its full speed. ArvanCloud provides the quickest and most stable naming resolution service and avoids DDoS attacks on your server.

If you have trouble making dns, or encounter some bugs or errors in this WEBSITE please contact us at [email protected] and use other mirror servers

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