Free Dns Maker

Free DNS Maker

PackeTCP is a TOP 1 DNS Creator website that manages your DNS records for Free. We manage our own DNS Server and your records will be 100% safe in our server.

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Host to IP

We have a tool for converting your Hostname To IP Address. It Helps you identify which IP Address is binded into the hostname you are searching.

Ping Checker

If you have trouble in your internet connection, or you want to check your real ping, you can use this tool for free! 100% Safe!

IP to Decimal

We have a tool for converting your IP Address into Decimal. It helps you to not directly give the IP Address on your config files such as Openvpn and SSH. Some countries considered this as BUG IP Address.

4 Additional DNS Servers

We have free fast gaming DNS servers consisting of 4 major DNS Hosting. Such as Vultr, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare and ArvanCloud.


Fast DNS Creator

Free Fast DNS Creator

Almost Low Latency when using our DNS Servers without paying any cent.

Anycast DNS Creator

Powered by Anycast DNS Creator

This reduces latency, improves uptime for the DNS resolving service.

Realtime Support

Realtime Support

If you have problem with our DNS Service, contact us at
[email protected]

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"Iba ka lods working si covid hahaha thanks sa Share keep it up." Translate: "You're different! Covid server is working thanks for sharing keep it up!"


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